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So the mirror got me 😦

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”I scoffed HAMSTER FOOD as I battled bulimia ? now I model and campaign ?
Despite gorging herself on all the food in the house, Leila Newton-Fox’s insatiable hunger still wasn’t satisfied. The terrifying eating disorder bulimia had such a grip on the student she…

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Thigh gaps are a lie!!!


Why thigh gaps can be fake! Since I have started modeling, it’s all about the pose. Just the way you stand can change the look of your body!!!! IT’S ALL LIES. Here are two pictures of my thighs. One I am standing very straight the other my legs turn slightly inward and are more apart. See how it changes! There are tricks in the fashion industry, don’t always believe what you see. Just be overwhelmingly proud of who you are!!!!

Models on the Catwalk

I find it sad that there are such strict rules within the fashion industry, especially for catwalk models. Everyone is of different sizes but it makes me upset to think that bigger people or shorter people are never really considered for the role as a catwalk model. I do understand that a catwalk is more striking when it’s performed with taller people but in reality not many people actually have that physical appearance. In fact it is down to the designers that make the cloths, they are always after longer limbs and tall figures, when even though some people have this physical appearance naturally, it’s not common. Fashion designers should be approaching a wider demographic and therefore should be using people of all different heights and sizes. I’m not saying being 5ft 9inchs and size 6 is inappropriate for being a catwalk model, I’m just saying that it’s only ever those body types that are sort after. That is what I find upsetting.

Putting into action a new diet that prioritizes excellent nutrition, protein and carbohydrates.

So I have began. I have decided that on Monday I will be starting my coconut water cleansing fast, which will last 5 to 7 days. This will help give my body time to heal and rest after the ABUSE! I’ve given it. Fasting for even short periods is great to reset your body, after 3 days you should get results, you will have more energy and feel generally good. FASTING IS THE WORST METHOD OF WEIGHT LOSS! Yes, you will lose a bit of weight, mostly water weight, then muscle and then a tiny, tiny, insignificant amount of fat. Effective weight loss can ONLY be achieved through diet and exercise tailored to weight loss.

The goal with fasting is you clean your body so it’s renewed and ready to take on a diet change. Over the first week I will be fasting and over the second week I will be putting into action a new diet that prioritizes excellent nutrition, protein and carbohydrates. My overall goal is to have more energy and have the appropriate nutritional balance to achieve my running goals and to stimulate lean muscle.

So, the fast. This is not a water fast but a coconut water fast. Coconut water contains a lot of nutrients, including a lot of potassium! This will help me feel less tired and run down while still giving me great cleansing results. Over the fasting period, it is likely that I will experience a lot of toilet visits, spots and blemishes on my face, tiredness and feel a bit ill, most of these symptoms, as well as hunger, should only last for the first two to three days.
My old diet contained a lot of processed food and unnatural chemicals, so these symptoms are caused by my body filtering out the toxins.

Building up to a fast is just as important as the fast itself. give your self a week to prepare by eating mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, along with grains, nuts and lean meat, will help your body detox slowly and not be shocked by a sudden lack of food. Breaking the fast is even more important as you have it insure that you avoid any processed food or damaging your body by eating too much. After a day of breaking the fast you can then move forward to eating a healthy diet tailored to your needs. A fast can then be repeated once a month or every couple of months to help clean the body.

I’m also taking part in an intensive mindfulness course, which involves meditation, which I will discuss with you soon. I will be putting up a video diary of my experiences and will be talking to you about my new diet! I hope you find it insightful and enjoy my journey as much as I will! Love and light!

Pro Ana Music??? Yes, I’m not making this up!

I love music! It goes with me everywhere, it motivates me, it makes me happy, it helps me when I feel sad and fills my day! But what happens when music gets used for the wrong reasons? Well for people belonging to the Pro Ana/ Mia movement ( if I can call it a movement) use it to motivate themselves to starve themselves to reach perfection. It is a very weird phenomena we never hear about and it’s not exactly silent. I find it unusual that somewhere in the world there are a bunch of people jamming out to something like ‘Two fingers up and two fingers down’ and no, don’t YouTube that, I made it up ( with help from my lovely dark humored friend)  but you get the idea. I just wanted to post this to see what you feel and think about this. Music as a weapon, it’s been done before and in this case it’s helping people kill themselves.

The shoes, they are coming!

The shoes, they are coming!

The shoes are coming so you better get running

They have had enough, being a shoe is tough

Their souls are worn, their bodies tattered and torn

They have been trodden on since the day they were born

It is time for them to seek revenge, so the human race must come to an end

As you dash down the street at night beware the shoes, they’ll give you a fright!

That granddads slipper may have you for supper

And have you for breakfast along with a cupper

That red stiletto could chew you to dough

And where you’ll have gone, no one will know

That flip flop will want to fry you up

Or have you as a meaty soup in a cup

That big welly, may eat your brains like jelly

Or turn you to cheese and make you all smelly

Those baby shoes, may give you the blues

They don’t half chew so they are not good news

And that small bootie is no cutie

It will roll you up and eat you as sushi

So ……1 2 3 the shoes are all gone

4 5 6… they have gobbled your mum

7 8 9…. I think there is time

….to run away before the end of this rhyme

Mind The Gap!

Since I’ve been in London and I’ve seen so many different looking people, I maybe stating the obvious there but for me lots of people means lots of thinking about myself. Thigh gaps are one thing I think about a lot, as I try and except that I probably won’t ever have one of these prized possessions. Staring at people’s crotches is another one of those signs that you’re either sexually frustrated or have a bit of a body image/thigh gap issue going on. I’m on the tube and can’t stop comparing my legs (and other parts of myself) to others. I look through the catalog of people I see throughout the day and find myself picking out what body parts of others I would love to have, for example, thigh gaps. Part of me can’t believe that I’m being so SHALLOW because it seems like I’m just judging people biased on appearance and secondly it is a method of very silent self harm, which I tend to indulge in much to often. I still struggle with comparing myself. I used to get so uncertain about the size of my body that I would compare myself to anything! Like my arm against a aerosol can or my hips against the width of the hand basin, just so I could see how big I was. Sounds weird but even though I would look in the mirror, I could never judge how big I was. Body dis-morphia if you want to get all white coat and clip board about what it was. But yes…..thigh gaps. SOCIETY WANTS YOU TO HAVE ONE! Everywhere I look, manikins, models, magazines….. full of thigh gaps and not many people can actually get them, for some IT’S GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE and it depends on the width of your hips ect. So THIGH GAPS ARE NOT SOMETHING WE CAN ALL GET and if you have one then you just have a thigh gap…….. that’s it!


Tip 1

If you’re on the tube or anywhere where you start comparing yourself to others, just stick some music in your ears, stay away from reflections and mirrors, tap your feet to the beat and ignore!

Tip 2

Thigh gaps are not important, they have no physical use to the body so you don’t need one.

Tip 3

Don’t get carried away listening to music on the tube and miss your stop (like I did) and do ‘mind the gap’ because I was blonde enough to almost fall down there the other day.

I hope you take my advise and stop praying for thigh gaps.


(Image is not my own, I do not own the copyright and I hate Tabasco)